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Customer Application

Customer Types

  • Platinum Heavy, reliable users, not price-sensitive, try new products, loyal
  • Gold Large users who push for price breaks, shop around and not so loyal
  • Iron Low volume or intermittent users; cost to serve them is quite high
  • Lead Demanding, want special attention but don’t buy much and show no loyalty

    Advantages of CRM

  • While company is quickly growing, customers are more satisfied as well
  • Service provided in a better way, and a quicker way
  • Sales force automated
  • Integrated customer information
  • Certain processes eliminated
  • Operation cost cut, and time efficient
  • Brand names more quickly established
  • A central database so that everyone in your company can keep track of customer contacts
  • Sales and marketing teams can benefit from having all this inside knowledge about customers
  • Lets you set up rules for distributing work throughout your company
  • Lets you pick and choose the functionality that you want

    Disadvantages Of CRM

      - Organizational wise change of priority to customers.
      - Significant investment of time and money
      - Threatens management’s control/power struggle
      - Heightens people’s resistance to change
      - Inappropriate integration leads to disaster

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     Android Apps development, ERP software and Consultancy | Sysacs Technology