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Retail ERP System

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Retail ERP

Retail software system isn't a typical part of giant ERP and an easy POS software isn't enough. each of them aren't capable of absolutely excercising most control over the point of sales transactions happening within the retail stores. Retail software and POS solution provides an entire solution . The resultant benefits are complete control over POS and optimum control over operations.


All Retail Businesses and Formats

  1. Classify inventory into division section department and use multiple categories
  2. All retail business formats like Company owned Company Operated, Franchise owned Franchisee Operated, Shop-in-Shop, large Format Store and Multi brand outlets are supported
  3. Layaway and advance receipt tracking are often enforced

    Run Retail Promotions

  5. Managing pricing of merchandise in your network of stores
  6. Retail ERP software makes it simple to use all marketing and promotional activities like buy-get, power pricing, hour on varied classes of inventory
  7. Loyalty card programs which can be joined up with promotions and different discount schemes (loyalty or promotion coupons)
  8. Create gift voucher series and issue/ sell vouchers. Check online validity and permit gift voucher redemption.

    Control User Operations

  10. Each shop will have totally different set of policy rules applicable to it or we are able to produce policy teams of shops
  11. The entire application software has module level and function level security supported user, their roles and operational website
  12. Track the whole sales done by salesmen in a period for a particular class or a particular item and calculate relevant incentives

    Intelligent Integrations

  14. Retail ERP that's integrated with multi-channel management solution like Unicommerce (add link) is the key to managing online sales with one back-end.
  15. POS retail software system bolsters elaborated analysis with retail analytics reports designated for the shop from Head office. each of the reports is customizable and available in PDF and stand out
  16. The sales, purchases and different transactions happening at point of sales are recorded within the method of accounting also

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