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Pharma Management System

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Sysacs Pharma software for Pharma Retailers, Wholesalers, Chemists and Druggists, drugs outlets, Hospital Dispensaries, Ayurvedic drugs Dealers, homeopathy Drug Stores, twenty four hour medical outlets to take care of their stock accurately, Manage monetary accounts utterly and generate client invoices fantastically.

Helps simply calculate drugs schemes, deals, keeping in mind party wise rate list, keep a check into expiration, maintain narcotics, schedule H, schedule H1 registers, create fast payment and even print cheques in skilled approach.

In each Medical Store, there's a requirement to modify their business. they have to manage their stock of medicines, medical equipments, expiration of medicines, request etc. Managing of these things manually becomes troublesome and if an expiration drug is given to client then it’s a tangle. So, each medical store needs a system through that their work becomes straightforward and arranged. They’ll have the clear image of the supply and absence of stock and profit and loss analysis. Sysacs company solves the matter of each medical store terribly} very straightforward and user friendly approach.

Features in Sysacs Pharma Software

  1. Billing Management
  2. Purchase Management
  3. Expiration Alert
  4. Discount & Schemes Management
  5. Invoice Printing
  6. All Taxation Reports
  7. All MIS Reports
  8. Comprehensive Financial Accounting
  9. Inventory Management

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 Android Apps development, ERP software and Consultancy | Sysacs Technology