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Googlu - real time tracking Apps

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Googlu - real time tracking

Googlu app is used for the tracking purpose.

  1. This app is basically made for the companies for the purpose of tracking of their Employees .
  2. In starting we have given free tracking of two users and after that the company needs to pay for the additional users which they want to track.
  3. In the tracking we have given the navigation facility to the admin so that they can track the Employee on the Map. Wherever the employee goes their location will be shown on the map of the admin.
  4. Also we have given the address feature to the admin so that they can track the employee via their address.
  5. In addition to the tracking feature we have also given the chat functionality to the users so that the users can chat with the same app embedded with different social apps.
  6. There is one additional feature of guest login in the app. In which the guest can login into the app and add one mobile number of another person to send him/her the present location and then that person needs to login with the username and password send to their mobile and get the location of the guest and start navigating.
  7. That’s all about our GOOGLU App.
  8. But this is not the yet the end we are working to bring to you the more enhanced version of our App. So stay Tuned with Us.

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