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Hospital Management System

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Sysacs Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a Professional Software Company specialized in delivering total health care solutions for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmacy Shops. Practicing Medical Professionals & Domain Experts with specialized IT team, who have successfully computerized a large number of hospitals since a decade.

Hospital information system(HIS)

  1. Contract management
  2. Reception management
  3. Master health checkup
  4. Patient registration
  5. Emergency room
  6. Nurse station
  7. Inpatient billing
  8. Outpatient clinic
  9. Blood bank
  10. Equipment management
  11. Adimission ,transfer, discharge
  12. Physiotherapy
  13. Diagnostic center
  14. Nurse station
  15. Dialysis
  16. Infection control
  17. Library management
  18. Assets store
  19. Material store
  20. Pharmacy
  21. Fincial accounting
  22. Financial accounting linkage
  23. Doctor accounting
  24. Budgeting
  25. Human resource
  26. Duty roster
  27. Fixed assets
  28. Cssd management
  29. Linen and laundry
  30. Food and beverage
  31. Medical record
  32. Hospital management
  33. Transport
  34. Execution information


HIS Software Architecture Highlights

Hospital facility and traffic list:

  1. centralize database system & complete database driven.
  2. Easy to install and maintain.
  3. voice tutors available for complete software operation.
  4. GUI graphical report of HIS and data for top management analysis.
  5. Single window view to locate all patients detail.
  6. Authentication & verification of entries through audit trail facility.
  7. Easy query handling and search facility.
  8. Multiple store accounting.
  9. Connect multiple branches of hospital remote accession of database for instant support.
  10. built in work flow management for all functional areas.
  11. Interface facility with smart card, code ,biometric device, laboratory equipment for data capturing.

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